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flower arrangements made simple

Posted by Paul Maney on

Fresh flowers are a game-changer! They lift your mood, add instant warmth, bring beauty and color to your home, smell lovely, and can be really inexpensive (or free if you are able to walk outside and clip some from your yard!).  Most grocery stores have "value" flower bunches for about $4-$5, and I frequently grab a bunch or two when I am grocery shopping. Styling your flowers doesn't have to be elaborate or difficult. In fact, I am a fan of a more "organic" look when it comes to flower arrangements around the house. This takes the pressure off of trying to make things look perfect.


 My preference is to choose flowers that add pops of color. So, these bright orange lilies were perfect. I splurged on the pink peonies because they are my all-time favorite. You will need scissors, your containers, and the little flower food packets that the flowers come with (make sure you grab an extra or two!)

To see where I need to cut the stems, I use a very scientific method. Place the vase toward the edge of the counter, hold the flower at the height you would like it to be sticking out of the vase, and cut. Always cut diagonally across the stem. You will then need to remove any leaves that will fall below the water line.

A little tip...If you choose lilies, pull off the pollen so that your flowers will last longer.

Do not stress about getting it "just right". If you need to cut a little more, then cut a little more. Once you have your flowers at the height you want them, begin just putting them in your vase.

We have several vase options in our store. These tea light holders can double as a small vase that would look lovely on a bedside table or coupled with another vase. Our vase with a metal flower lid make arranging flowers extremely easy and is a very popular product. And our willow jar vase is just lovely.  

 So, next time you are out, grab some flowers. You'll be hooked!

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