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10 ways to create a warm and inviting home

Posted by Sarah Maney on

We often get comments about how our home feels...peaceful, relaxing, warm. I wanted to share a few ways to use your décor to help create that same feeling in your home. (Most products seen in these photos can be found in our store.)

  1. Layers. By layering your décor pieces, you create interest and dimension. Hang a boxwood wreath on top of a mirror or old window. Use old books to set a candle and bell jar or cloche on. 
  2. Use different materials. Place a wood lantern next to something metal. Use a shiny object with wood or “earthy” elements such as cotton stems. 
  3. Make sure you have a variety of textures. Using decorative pillows and throw blankets, flowers and succulents (either real or faux) as well as mixing metal and wood and glass help move your décor from being one dimensional to multifaceted. 
  4. Lamps and Natural light. Using lamp light and natural light rather than the harshness of overhead lights can create a warm ambiance. Draw your curtains every day, turn on your lamps each afternoon…always opt for natural or lamp light!  
  5. Personal Items. Use pictures and pieces that have a story to create a really welcoming environment. Guests enjoy see your family and learning more about you. Plus, it’s fun to tell the story of a family heirloom or vacation picture.
  6. Mix Styles. If you have a modern piece but your home is mainly traditional, display it! Mixing décor styles provides something unexpected and unique. There isn’t a rule that says if you like the look of farmhouse style you can’t use a really cool modern piece mixed in. 
  7. Less is More. Keeping your surfaces minimally styled can have a calming affect over your entire home. Simplicity removes distraction and allows you to have a few focal points in your décor. Clutter can create a sense of anxiousness. 
  8. Color. If your wall color is bold, think about adding muted pieces to your décor scheme. If you have neutral walls, go for one bold piece. You don’t want your décor pieces competing for attention…you want them to complement each other and their surroundings (paint color, etc).
  9. Shapes. Think about ways to soften harsh lines. If all of your furniture is really square, use a round rug. Mix and match furniture to break up the monotony of shapes within your home.
  10. Try and Try again. Décor style evolves and changes, and that is OK! Do not be afraid to try new things, move pieces around, rearrange furniture, paint the walls. You can always move it back. My house is constantly changing as I get new inspiration or want to see how a piece looks in a different place. It doesn’t always turn out the way I had envisioned, but that’s the fun of it!

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